Feeding Therapy

Feeding therapy focuses on improving a child’s ability to successfully and safely eat a variety of different foods.  Feeding therapy may work on self-feeding skills, sensory processing, oral motor skills, and/or acceptance of new or less-preferred food items to expand a child’s food repertoire and diet. Services are provided by either an Occupational Therapist (OT) or Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP).  Therapists utilize evidence-based strategies to evaluate and provide skilled therapy to children with a variety of different needs and ability levels.

Areas Feeding Therapy Addresses:

  • Ability to eat safely, including appropriate pacing and chewing

  • Interacting with and eating foods of various tastes, textures, temperatures

  • Oral Motor Skills 

  • Self-feeding skills

  • Sensory Processing

  • Utensil use


Is my child appropriate for feeding therapy?


A child may be appropriate for feeding therapy if they have a limited diet, only eat certain food items, avoid or refuse certain tastes, textures, or temperatures, and/or exhibit gagging/choking while eating.  A child may also be appropriate for services if they are having difficulty feeding themselves safely and independently.

Our clinic provides feeding therapy services to children with a variety of different needs and/or diagnoses, including but not limited to: children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Down syndrome, developmental delays, genetic conditions, ADHD, sensory processing disorders, learning disabilities, and more. 

For more information on our services, please contact: 

info@autismmatters.net or call us at 952-544-0349.