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Enhancing your child’s ability to participate fully in school.

This service is offered via telehealth.

Changing lives through innovative collaboration, enhancing satisfaction and growth while assisting our clients and families in navigating their lives through support, education, and ease of access to services across Minnesota.


Applied Behavior


(ABA) Therapy

Speech & Language Therapy

Occupational Therapy

Feeding Therapy



Melissa G.

 Autism Matters had all of the components we were looking for in a program.  She would be able to receive all of her services in house including occupational therapy, speech, feeding, and ABA services.  We also had the opportunity to engage in Family Skills classes which allowed us to learn strategies she was learning at school and implement them at home.  In the last two years we have been amazed at her growth.  When she began the program she was mostly non-verbal and struggled to connect or communicate.  It was difficult for her to understand the world around her or to interact with us at home.  She has accomplished many milestones during her time here.  She is able to communicate her wants and needs, potty training, and learning to communicate with her peers.  We have been very pleased with her progress and are very excited for her to transition into Kindergarten in our district this year.  We cannot thank the hardworking staff enough who have contributed to her success.  

Megan K.

"I am very pleased with Autism Matters...I love to see that [my son] is improving in many ways and on various levels of his development.  It's greatly appreciated."

Loving Parents of a Special Daughter

"We have been with Autism Matters since February of 2008 and it is amazing to watch how much my daughter has grown with its caring staff. A pediatrician once said that our daughter will not be able to converse if she has not communicated by age 5. Well, Tara and her team created a personalized ABA program for my daughter and a year later she is beginning to speak. We look forward to seeing our daughter improve with Autism Matters."

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