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Applied Behavior


(ABA) Therapy

Speech & Language Therapy

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Julia S.

"We truly feel blessed to have found Tara. When our son was first diagnosed (at age 2), we were told he would never talk. He had severe apraxia, which isn't given enough consideration in the treatment of autism spectrum disorders. This is where Tara makes a difference. She was able to incorporate speech therapy and techniques into our son's ABA therapy and beyond; this resulted in tremendous improvement in his expressive and receptive language. Not only is he talking, but we are now having conversations with him (even abstract ones). In our opinion, a critical success factor for the treatment of autism is working with professionals like Tara that have a proven ability to successfully integrate speech and ABA therapy. Thanks for helping us get our child back!"

Megan K.

"I am very pleased with Autism Matters...I love to see that [my son] is improving in many ways and on various levels of his development.  It's greatly appreciated."

Loving Parents of a Special Daughter

"We have been with Autism Matters since February of 2008 and it is amazing to watch how much my daughter has grown with its caring staff. A pediatrician once said that our daughter will not be able to converse if she has not communicated by age 5. Well, Tara and her team created a personalized ABA program for my daughter and a year later she is beginning to speak. We look forward to seeing our daughter improve with Autism Matters."