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Psychotherapy is a process of increasing emotional awareness, and understanding, to assist an individual, or family in working through symptoms which are impacting their day to day functioning. Psychotherapy consists of a wide range of approaches and modalities. Each  with an overarching goal of alleviating  distressing symptoms to allow the participants to create strong, lasting and fulfilling relationships, identify and express emotions appropriately and effectively meet their full potential.  


Oftentimes, when a child or loved one receives a diagnosis, many services are provided to the individual experiencing the symptoms, but very little is provided in the form of emotional support, guidance or understanding to those who love and support this person daily. At Autism Matters we understand the unique challenges and day to day stressors parents face when their child has special needs. We provide a safe place for not only the individual who is experiencing symptoms, but also their loved ones and caregivers to process and express their unfiltered thoughts and feelings. 


Psychotherapy can be provided in the individual, family, and group settings. Frequency of sessions, and who will attend each session is determined by the treating clinician and will vary based on service needs, identified deficits and evidence based treatment modalities utilized. 


Psychotherapy approaches commonly provided at Autism Matters:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

  • Behaviorism

  • Child Parent Psychotherapy

  • Psychodynamic Therapy


Symptoms or experiences commonly treated at Autism Matters:

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder

  • Anxiety 

  • Depression

  • Symptoms occurring in response to experienced trauma

  • Reactive Attachment Disorder

  • Self-injury

  • Relational strain amongst members of a family

  • Behavioral concerns

  • Social emotional developmental delays 

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