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Choosing Treatment and Services


How many hours per week does the child need? This will vary across disciplines (Speech, OT, Feeding, ABA, Psychotherapy) based on the child’s evaluations (diagnostic assessment/CMDE for ABA) which will outline the number of hours recommended for treatment and also through our evaluation assessments.

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

Research shows for ABA that early intervention is important and an average of 25-40 hours per week are optimal to reach best outcomes. Autism Matters fosters a highly collaborative environment with highly trained professionals.  Our interdisciplinary team works together to teach children how to learn, communicate, play, socialize, and engage with others.

Speech, Feeding and/or
Occupational Therapy

Intensity for Speech, Feeding and/or Occupational Therapy varies and depends on therapist recommendation, insurance, availability of the therapist and the needs of your child.  Typically, these services occur 1 to 5 times weekly. 


Child/Family Challenges

Choosing the appropriate program will depend on a variety of factors.  Each individual child and family have different needs.  Autism Matters provides family skills training to help with some of the challenges families may have in the home.  We suggest calling Autism Matters to discuss the child and family needs to see if Autism Matters would be an appropriate fit.  


Transition Planning

Transition planning begins as soon as the child starts so we can give families enough time to plan and consider the next steps. The length of treatment for the child can vary based on the child’s current skill sets, curriculum goals, age appropriateness, and many other factors. The transition plan will vary across children based on their needs and the clinical team will navigate this process with families to ensure a smooth transition into the next setting. There are different settings that children could transition to depending on their need such as a school or another facility similar to Autism Matters.  The need of the child and family as well as appropriate settings are discussed during the transition planning of each discipline. 

General Information on Autism & Other Treatment Options

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